Hi, My Name is Alex Standiford.

I help companies generate quality leads faster.

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I provide my clients with an effective website that generates quality leads.

About Alex

About Alex

Designer, Father, Beer-Lover, Web Nerd

I help companies generate quality leads faster. I do this by building a well-designed, scalable web platform, and a solid plan of execution. I treat every website I build as my own, and spend a significant amount of time learning about my client's industry, and their clients before I ever write a single line of code.

  • Scalable

  • When I build a website, I build with the future in mind. I always build websites around components that can be easily modified by you when the time to make an update comes. When the time to create a new website comes, I use systems that make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Effective

  • Your customers are looking for you online. Are you there to answer their questions? If your website doesn't provide prospects with this information, then your site isn't as effective as it should be. Using targeted blog content, and a properly optimized website, I provide companies with what they need to have an effective website.
  • Polished

  • Regardless of what device your customers are using when they find your website, I guarantee that your site will run load fast, format properly, feel truly polished. I obsess over the details that go into making a site look professional.

Experience Levels

Responsive HTML/CSS
WordPress Customization/Plugins

Fun Facts

  • I grew up in a small town called Sherrodsville, and graduated with 42 kids in my class. Our band was referred to the "Marching Dozen", even though the band didn't even have 12 members at that time.
  • I enjoy great beer, but I enjoy collecting the glassware even more. I am always looking for an excuse to serve a beer in the right glass.
  • My dog is an English Springer Spaniel named Phoebe. She's sort-of dumb, but quite possibly the most loving pet I've ever had. I love throwing a disc, and thankfully she's an excellent fetch dog.
  • I once had a life insurance license, but got out of the industry because getting the license bored me to tears.
  • I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, but I prefer loose-leaf tea. I can drink oolong tea all day.
  • I am a published author, having written a few books on editing photos using the free photo-editing program, GIMP.

Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin,and Twitter. (If you send me an invite to connect on LinkedIn, please mention how you found me, and why you'd like to connect!) I enjoy meeting interesting and passionate people from all walks of life.

Website Launch Process

4-Step Website Relaunch and Maintain Program

My design process efficiently builds a sustainable, long-term website that will generate you leads for years to come.

  • Step 1

    Evaluate & Research

  • Company Interview
    I begin every project with a questionnaire which helps me conceptualize your company's strengths, discuss current branding, and establish goals.
  • SEO & Brand Research
    I will do some competitive SEO research, and establish a comprehensive road map that shows how we're going to launch your new website, as well as a plan on how we will maintain it.
  • Road Map & Proposal
    We review the road map, and make any adjustments as-needed. Once the road map is established, I send a contract and an earnest money invoice.
  • Step 2

    Design and Layout

  • Establish Necessary Pages
    We discuss which pages your website needs, and how we will convey your message efficiently.
  • Build Initial Concept
    I will build a semi-functional prototype of your website. At this stage, we will be focusing on the layout.
  • Mobile Optimization
    After all considerations have been made, I'll optimize the website for mobile, and other platforms.
  • Step 3

    Copy and SEO

  • The Copy Blitz
    I Begin writing the copy on the site to create a compelling message for your product. We will focus on what your customer truly wants, and how you offer the solution to that problem.
  • Optimize the Copy
    I do SEO that will eventually get you ranked on Google.
  • Insert Images
    We'll go through and replace the placeholder images with compelling images that compliment the copy and further convey your message.
  • Step 4

    Training and Launch

  • Establish Post-Launch Training
    I dive into the nuts and bolts of your website, including how we will use your web platform to drive more traffic to your site. We'll touch base on what kind of content needs to be written, and finalize how your site will funnel in leads.
  • Sales Team Training
    I'll train and provide your sales team with information on how to use your new website to convert leads using LinkedIn and other social sites. My goal is to empower your team to make effective use of the website to automate a lot of their efforts and save time.
  • Launch and Support
    We launch the site, and begin continued support based on the conversations we have had. I will continue to manage the content that is written on your site, including copy updates and blog content.


just a few things I've worked on recently.



Frequently Asked Questions

I use Git for revision management, Brackets for my text editing, the Adobe Creative Suite for photo edits and asset collection, and more. I have a deep understanding of all media programs, and have pretty much created any media file you can think of at some point in my life.
Personally, I prefer email. It's fast, it's efficient, and it's documented.
In 2009, I began to learn about marketing businesses online through a desire to sell DVD montages to brides-to-be with my brother. It was awful. We never ranked on Google, and I had no idea what I was doing, so I started learning. We stopped doing this work not long afterward, but my desire to build a presence online stuck. I created a website, gimpedtutorials.com where I created tutorials on how to edit photos using Gimp. I built this website off of WordPress, and using some white hat SEO strategies wrestled my way to the top of many key search terms, both long tail and short tail. Eventually, my lack of HTML, CSS, and PHP caught up with me though. My WordPress website relied heavily on plugins to do even the smallest thing. This began to cause cross-plugin conflicts, and I eventually reached a peak, where I could no-longer grow my sales funnel. This is where I decided to commit to learning the languages of the web, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.
While I cannot give a specific time-frame, I can promise you that one of my key business components is efficiency, but not at the sacrifice of scalability.
Initial website designs start at $4,500, and depending on what you need will go from there. Initial website design pricing will depend on a number of factors.
After our initial conversation, I will provide you with a short questionnaire that will give me all of the information I need.
Absolutely. I'm always eager to network with copywriters, designers, and other professionals to learn, grow, and even work together.


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