5 Things I do to Make Habit Forming Easier

Written by Alex Standiford on January 5, 2016

This article talks about how I support my daily habits.  It talks about the tools, and paradigms I take on to keep up with my daily goals.
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Post on Medium – I’m Tired

Created by: Alex Standiford on

If you have been anywhere near me over the past year, you’ll know that in the last 8 months I have went from being an industrial engineer, to a freelance industrial engineer, to blogger, and now to an employee working as a web designer and marketing manager. For me, the biggest struggle is not in the 3 big moves I’ve made professionally, but the big moves I considered, but didn’t take. I’ve been working on idea, after idea, after idea and running with it much too fast, burning myself out in the process. In many ways, this has been a pattern for me; a loop that I can’t seem to break free of. Over the years, I have a graveyard of half-finished projects in my wake, and I don’t like that.