Current Projects

At My Job

I started a new job, working on the GoDaddy's E-commerce team. I've been here for over a year now, and I feel that I've really gotten the hang of it. To be honest, this was a really hard transition for me, much harder than I expected. I genuinely think I'm better for it, and now that I feel like I've got the initial learning curve behind me I'm rearin' to go.


Welp, second summer is well on it's way. We've left our winter spot in Texas, and are now out east. We're basically waiting for Vermont to thaw enough for us to head that way.

One of this year's goals is to purchase land in Vermont, and I've been working hard to get a stash of money to be able to put down toward that. I can't wait until April, because that's when we can really start looking at our options seriously. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my time in the Outer Banks.

Side Hustle

I have begun shifting from "Wintertime project" mode to "summer mode", where I take on fewer side projects and focus my spare-time more on travel, and other personal projects.

What little "side hustle" time I have available goes toward tinkering with a NextJS-based version of this site. I have turned my site into a central hub, and find most of my effort these days goes into writing back-dated content on important moments that should be published on my site, as well as finding archived content I've written throughout the web and centralizing it here. It's slow work, but incredibly rewarding to see my blog filling out with years worth of content.