Current Projects


I recently announced my Affiliate management plugin, Siren. I'm working on the development, and aim to get launched later this year.

Siren makes it easy for any company, small or large, to create, and maintain pay for performance programs. This empowers businesses to ensure they’re getting exactly what they’re paying for, and motivates the people they’re contracting with to do their task efficiently. It gives the contractors clarity on what success looks like, since its ingrained in the system itself, which allows them to focus on what actually drive the desired results.


It's a new year, and we stopped our nomadic lifestyle, after 4 years. We had a lot of fun but we were done, and after a truck driver totaled our camper, we realized it was our opportunity to step out. We're now happily living in our hometown, enjoying simple things like being close to family, multiple bathrooms, and king-sized beds.

We don't plan on going back on the road anytime soon, but are definitely keeping Leela so we can do months-long traveling stints. Still have so much we want to see!

At My Job

I started a new job, working on the GoDaddy's E-commerce team. I've been here for nearly two years now, and I feel that I've really gotten the hang of it. To be honest, this was a really hard transition for me, much harder than I expected. I genuinely think I'm better for it, and now that I feel like I've got the initial learning curve behind me I'm rearin' to go.

I got to meet up with a few of my co-workers at WordCamp US this year, that was awesome.