Let’s Go Back To Commenting on Blogs

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In the midst of transitioning myself into rediscovering WordPress, and publishing content on my blog first, I realized that one thing that kind of bums me out is that nobody posts comments on my site. As far as I'm concerned, anything that's published anywhere that's not on my site should be treated as ephemeral, even if it necessarily isn't.

So, when I receive a reply to something, or have a fun interaction with my content with someone else on social media, I find that at least a small part of me is sad, because I know that interaction is probably not something I'll keep. (I draw the line at manually cross posting comments lol).

I know that WordPress is going social, and I also know that someday, this problem might get drastically improved, but I am getting into the habit of choosing to comment on people's actual blog content first, and only replying to a post directly on social in situations where there is no other option.

I invite (and encourage!) you to start doing the same!