Hey There!

I am Alex Standiford. I’m a web developer originally from Dover, Ohio. I’ve been tinkering with web technologies my entire life, and started my career as a web developer in 2015.

Since then, I have built dozens of WordPress plugins, scratch-made websites, and web applications.

I launched an affiliate plugin for WordPress, called Siren. I am an active contributor to open source software in-general. Most of my contributions can be seen in WordPress, where I maintain a couple of plugins, contribute to a few other projects, and work on core WordPress features that interest me.

If you are interested in working with me in any way, you can contact me at alex@standiford.us.

Personal Life

These days, I live in a good ol' fashioned sticks and bricks house in Dover, with my family. After 4 amazing years on the road, we finally decided it was time to shut it down, at least for now. I don't know how long we'll be stationary. Could be 1 year. Could be 10. I'm keeping my options open 🙃

I've been working in a remote work lifestyle for most of the last 5 years, and honestly I don't see myself ever going back to the office. There's just too much to see out there, too much to-do. Not to mention, I get to spend much more time with my two kids, my wife, and our pets.

When I’m not writing code, I am probably enjoying kiting, playing disc golf, cooking, camping, or playing video games.

Current Projects


I recently launched my Affiliate management plugin, Siren!

Siren makes it easy for any company, small or large, to create, and maintain pay for performance programs. This empowers businesses to ensure they’re getting exactly what they’re paying for, and motivates the people they’re contracting with to do their task efficiently. It gives the contractors clarity on what success looks like, since its ingrained in the system itself, which allows them to focus on what actually drive the desired results.

The most exciting thing about Siren to me? I’m JUST getting started. What’s launching is a solid foundation, but it’s the tip of the iceberg. I have so…so many different ideas on how it can help people develop partnerships online, that I’m having trouble choosing where to start.

I am calling Siren an “affiliate plugin” because that’s the easiest way to describe it, but I feel it undersells it.

The truth is, Siren is a whole new category unlike anything you’ve ever seen. I’m not competing with other affiliate plugins, I am straight up superseding them.


It's a new year, and we stopped our nomadic lifestyle, after 4 years. We had a lot of fun but we were done, and after a truck driver totaled our camper, we realized it was our opportunity to step out. We're now happily living in our hometown, enjoying simple things like being close to family, multiple bathrooms, and king-sized beds.

We don't plan on going back on the road anytime soon, but are definitely keeping Leela so we can do months-long traveling stints. Still have so much we want to see!

At My Job

I started a new job, working on the GoDaddy's E-commerce team. I've been here for nearly two years now, and I feel that I've really gotten the hang of it. To be honest, this was a really hard transition for me, much harder than I expected. I genuinely think I'm better for it, and now that I feel like I've got the initial learning curve behind me I'm rearin' to go.

I got to meet up with a few of my co-workers at WordCamp US this year, that was awesome.