Hanging Out in DC With My GoDaddy Colleagues After WCUS

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As WordCamp US was winding down, I got to spend the evening, and following afternoon with a few of my GoDaddy co-workers. It was awesome to get to hang out with them in-person.

From left to right, Willington, Drew, Alex(me), and Ryan

First off, we went to the Washington Monument, then spent some time using the bicycle rideshare program in DC, and rode to the capitol, where I promptly learned why they call it "Capitol Hill", and also just how out-of-shape I actually am. We actually spent a little time in the yard in front of the Capitol throwing a frisbee while we recovered.

It was really nice to ride the bike around. I don't spend much time in cities like this right now, and it was a really nice change of pace for me.

From there, we went to the National Air and Space Museum, where I re-learned that the moon rovers were an actual thing. I have no freaking clue how I missed that detail of history, but here we are.

Finished up the afternoon with a Lemon Drop and a ton of sushi, and 30 minutes later found myself back in my camper with my family at a nearby campground, which I think was the most surreal part of this experience for me. Usually there's a significant time period between leaving WCUS and getting home, but since I brought the camper with me, I found myself back in that context a lot sooner. Honestly, I found it to be a bit jarring.

Thinking back to it, I can't help but chuckle because the entire day now looks like we were just creating a 1980s style montage of a day touring around DC, which I guess is kinda true if you look at it. I wish I had more footage because I'd definitely make something just for the laughs.