I am passionate about what I do, and love speaking about it, virtual or in-person. I'm not half bad at taking and answering questions, either.

There's two things I can't seem to stop talking about, WordPress and RV Life.

Alternatively, if you read any blog content I've written, and would like me to discuss it as a talk, don't hesitate to reach out.

SDM Podcast – All About Siren With Alex Standiford

Rob Cairns talks to Alex Standiford about his new affiliate marketing product Siren. Show Highlights: Show Notes Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here and in today’s podcast, I’m going to sit down with Alex Staniford and we’re going to talk about his new product, siren. How are you today, Alex? Hey rob. I’m. Doing really good.… Continue reading SDM Podcast – All About Siren With Alex Standiford

Do The Woo: Re-imagining Affiliate Programs for Your Woo Biz with Alex Standiford

In this episode, I emphasize the importance of developing strong, personalized relationships with affiliates, moving away from the traditional affiliate link model and exploring more collaborative and multifaceted approaches. The conversation also leads into the potential drawbacks of traditional affiliate programs, highlighting the need for a more nuanced and individualized approach to maximize success for both the affiliate and the business.