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Turn Down The Difficulty

After an unexpected all-nighter in a hospital waiting room, I stumbled upon a game-changing thought: “How can I turn down the difficulty?” This simple question has revealed a powerful strategy for navigating life’s unexpected challenges.

I Applied YNAB Budgeting To My Time, And It’s Changed My Life

Have you ever thought of budgeting your time like money? Well, I did, and I have noticed that I am more productive, I avoid burning myself out, and I’ve been able to adapt to unexpected things that happen during my day without completely losing my day in the process. Most importantly, however, I feel a lot less stressed out about my schedule.

Prompting ChatGPT With Blog Content

I used ChatGPT to help with a presentation, and unintentionally turned it into a unique asset. After giving it several articles written about my site, it suddenly became capable of providing me ideas to improve my site based on the information I previously fed it. I’m keenly interested to see how this revelation will help me generate ideas in the future.