YNAB Sent Me A Personalized Gift, And I Love It!

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So, a week or so ago I posted an essay on how I adapted the YNAB methodology of "give every dollar a job" into time, basically "give every minute a job". It's been a transformative approach to time management that has helped me a lot, so I shared it on my site. Naturally, when I shared it on social media, I made sure to tag YNAB, mostly so that people would have the context on what the heck YNAB is, just in-case they aren't familiar with the software, or the methodology that drives it.

(ps: I'm not an affiliate for YNAB or anything, just a big fan)

Anyway, as it turns out, they noticed, because I received an email last week from their "chief delight officer" (a title I have never heard of prior to this, but I'm so here for it).

[their name] from YNAB here. We saw your essay on Medium about using the YNAB Method to give every minute a job. So cool! We've heard from folks who have budgeted time before, but your method of using a timer to be able to easily shuffle between task buckets was so cool! Now I'm thinking about how I could do this with Llama Life, my timer app of choice :) 

I was wondering—and no pressure at all here—if you'd be up for sharing your mailing address with us. We have a little something we'd love to send your way to say thanks for mentioning us and spreading the word about YNAB!

I've never been one to turn down a gift, so I happily sent along my address. Fast forward a few days, and they sent me this neat little personalized clock, the front reading YNAB and the back reading "Give every minute a job", along with a personalized note:

Alex, just a little something from us to brighten your day. Thanks again for the shout out. We're rooting for you as you launch Siren!

The thought and care that went into sending this to me is next-level, and it genuinely made my day. So neat!