Small Adjustments

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I think this time budgeting approach is finally going to be what helps me actually start exercising consistently.

I’ve been budgeting my time with timers over the last several weeks. One thing about this setup is that you create “buckets” of time, but don’t really dictate exactly when those buckets get emptied. This is a really useful thing because it makes it easy to experiment with when you do different things, and it allows you to on-the-fly make adjustments based on how your day is going.

One such example, is I have had the time blocked out for weeks to exercise, but I kept trying to do the exercise in the morning. The thinking was I like to shower in the morning, so squeezing in the workout before that would make sure I am good and clean for my day. The issue? When I first wake up, my body naturally wants to work, and as a result I always ended up not wanting to exercise.

I’ve also noticed that my early to mid afternoon energy is consistently low, and I often feel that I needed “more time” between my morning and afternoon routines.

So I decided to try something new today - I decided to try working out as soon as my lunch break was over, and by golly I actually had the will to do it!

I went downstairs and did a guided rowing session, followed by a 15 minute cooldown stretch. Aside from the obvious benefit of actually exercising, I’m hoping that maybe it’ll give me a little jolt in the afternoon just because I am getting up and doing something active in the middle of my day.

Crossing my fingers that it will help me keep my days a little more balanced.