WPTavern Brings Us Full-Circle By Launching a Forum

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In-case you didn't see, WPTavern launched a forum today. Yep, that kind of forum. A good ol' fashioned asynchronous, centralized sounding board for talking about WordPress.

Overall, I think this is a good thing. I firmly believe that WordPress depends too much on non FOSS software - I'm talking about thing like GitHub, Slack, and Twitter. All of these options have free, open source alternatives that work as well (GitTea, Element, Mastodon), so as far as I'm concerned, anything that wants to make us less-dependent on proprietary for-profit software is a great synergy opportunity for WordPress.

Now, if we can just go a step further and make that Forum federated, we could change it so that the posts on the forum display on Lemmy (a federated, open source Reddit-like experience), and then still get the benefits of the centralized platforms that we've all grown accustomed to.

This is a good thing, and just like my urging to go back to commenting on blogs, I think is an opportunity to move WordPress into the future of the web, where I think it's poised to really succeed if we can recognize it.