Looking For A Good Content Organizer For WordPress (Solved!)

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I recently imported a decades worth of tweets on my site, and the hashtags were automatically added as regular tags. Now I want to go through and wrangle them. I know I can do a lot of this in core WordPress, but Iā€™m hoping I can find some utilities that will make this easier.

Ideally, this would allow me to:

  1. Merge tags (I think this is the key thing I need)
  2. Delete existing tags in-bulk (relatively easy to do in WP now)
  3. Rename tags (Also, easy to do)

I think the key thing is that I'm inundated with about 750 tags, and there isn't a great single place to quickly and easily merge and organize these tags. It can be done in WordPress, but it's tedious. Hoping I can find something that makes the process a little smoother than using the existing tags screen in WordPress.


Carsten Bach suggested on Mastodon that I look at this plugin, which is a term management utility for WordPress. Hopefully this will help. Thanks Carsten!