See You at WordCamp US!

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I'll see y'all at WordCamp US 2023 next week. The family and I are pulling Leela to a nearby state park, where it will remain for the week. The family will do the RV Life thing while I AirBnB with some WordPress friends much closer to the venue for the weekend. I'm pretty excited because I haven't seen anyone in-person since WordCamp US 2019(!)

This conference is well-timed for me, because we're starting to get that "fall feeling", where we start to think about our migration, and the inevitable hibernation that comes through the holiday season, affectionately called "Second Summer". During this time of year, Kate and I don't really travel much. Instead, we stick around the campground, and work on personal projects. In my case, that's usually freelancing. I worked on a few things last year with a lot of success, and plan on doing that again this year. I'm hoping to do some networking while at the conference, and see if I can dig up some opportunities starting in November.

Once we're done at WCUS, we're going to head into Shenandoah National Park to hang out with some family, then back to Vermont to rest up until we have to make the trip to Texas.

I can't wait to see y'all!